2017 Online Classes

CS501: USACO Gold Level (Local and Out-of-town students)

  • Instructor: Dr. Ming Zhang
  • Thursday 7pm - 9pm CT
  • Dates: 9/21 to 12/14 (No class on 11/23)
  • Recommended for: G9-12
  • Prerequisite: USACO Gold or instructor-approval
  • Online Platform: Zoom
  • Fee: $499

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Contest Math online classes are only for students who are not residing in the Houston Metro area.

We will use Canvas LMS and Zoom Video to contact with students. Apps for Canvas and Zoom are available on IOS and Android.

Course Structure:

Momentum Learning Online Courses require students to work independently through the weekly posted content (videos, handouts, fully written and explained solutions etc.).  Our courses are a combination of self-taught and instructed taught-assisted online learning environment

When students log in, they will be able to see videos, handouts and assigned homework on their dashboard.  When a quiz or homework is completed, students will get immediate feedback. (For medium to challenging problems both written and video solutions will be provided.)

Screenshot of the Canvas Dashboard: 

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 11.56.38 AM.png

Click here to see Canvas sample screen shots (from CM701)

Parents will also have access to their child's dashboard. They will be able to shadow their child progress. Any time that an assignment and/or grade assigned parents will get a text message/email. 

Instructor will have two Q&A sessions per week for 30-45 minutes. Teachers will give students a few choices for the Q&A date/time during the first class and the students will submit their preferred choices. To maximize learning, students are strongly encouraged to attend the weekly online Q&A session. During the weekdays, the Q&A sessions will be held after 7:30pm CT. All Q&A sessions will be recorded and will be available for 60 days.

Zoom platform will be used for these sessions. During these sessions, instructor will go over:

•    the bullet points of the topic covered during that week

•    the challenging questions from in-class exercises and homework problems

•    and finally answer any other questions students might have

Students will have access to Canvas LMS and Zoom once the payment is received. Detailed instructions will be sent via email and we will contact each student via Zoom to make sure he/she can set up Canvas properly. 

Maximum number of students for each of our online courses is 20. Estimated weekly commitment is about 3-5 hours weekly. (Watching videos, Q&A sessions, homework etc.)


Sample Video:

CM301: Contest Math Level 3 (Beginner - Intermediate)

CM401: Contest Math Level 4 (Intermediate)

CM501: Contest Math Level 5 (Advanced)


2017 Fall online.png

Note: CM401, CM501, CM701 will need instructor approval based on the student's past contest scores (AMC8, AMC10, AMC12, AIME, MathCounts, etc.)

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Isil Nal.jpg

Mrs. Nal

Mrs. Nal is a nationally well known mathematics teacher focused on contest math. As a math coach, Mrs. Nal taught State and National MATHCOUNTS participants, USA(J)MO qualifiers, MOSP attendees, USAJMO winners/honorable mentions.  She was the coach of the TX MATHCOUNTS Team that placed 1st at Nationals in two consecutive years, 2017 and 2016, 3rd in 2011 and 7th in 2015. In 2017, 3 of her students made MATHCOUNTS Nationals Count Down (top 12 students in the country among over 200,000 participants) including the MATHCOUNTS NATIONALS champion and the runner-up. In 2016, all her 4 students made top 12 in the country.

She is currently coaching the Quail Valley GT Academy team who won 2015-2017 Texas State MATHCOUNTS. She is a two time recipient of the MAA's Edyth May Sliffe Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Raytheon MathMovesU Heroes Award.

Dr nal.jpg

Dr. Nal

Dr. Nal has a deep passion for teaching math and its applications. He has special interest in utilizing games and experiments to explain fundamental ideas and concepts in math, economics and finance.

He's also been helping high school students prepare for Math Olympiads over the years. Some of his students went on to become MOSP attendees, JMO Honorable Mentions, and JMO winners recently. He was a mathematics major as an undergraduate in Turkey.

Dr. Nal also creates his own videos with solutions to USAMO and other math problems in his YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/osmannal). The Channel is growing every day with over a hundred videos that can be used as a resource for those starting their journey to Olympiad problem solving.