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Physics (F=ma Contest)

  • Momentum Learning 16126 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX, 77479 United States (map)

Instructor: Yi Zhou

Time: T/Th 6:30 - 8:30 Sat 2:00 - 4:00


Place: Momentum Learning

Objectives: This algebra ­based Physics course is for middle/high school students who are new to physics with no prior physics course work necessary. Students should have completed algebra I and geometry. This summer course will also give students a head start if they would like to prepare for the F=ma contest.

Homework: Homework will be assigned every week and can be worked and discussed in Saturday practice class.

Textbook: Physics: Principles with Applications 6th Edition by Douglas C. Giancoli

Course Outline:

  • Kinematics - One dimensional motion, two dimensional motion.
  • Dynamics - Newton’s Laws of Motion, Forces & free body diagrams, Friction
  • Circular Motion - Circular Motion, Rotation, and Gravity
  • Energy - Work, Power, Kinetic energy, Potential energy (gravitational, elastic) Conservation of Energy
  • Momentum - Impulse, Momentum, Conservation of Momentum, Elastic & Inelastic Collisions
  • Rotational Motion - Torque, Center of Mass, Rotational kinematics, Rotational dynamics, rotational inertia Rotational energy, Angular momentum, Conservation of angular momentum